An Exchange Server storage group consists various public and mailbox folder stores, however their number depends on the Exchange Server version in use and requirements of the user. The mailbox store contains all user and system mailboxes and is comprised of two files: Priv.edb and Priv.stm. Any corruption to the data repository EDB file leads to data inaccessibility and creates unavoidable situations of using a backup. If it is not possible to restore from backup, you need to repair the corrupted database using Exchange eseutil repair utility or a third-party EDB Repair software.

For instance, consider a situation when you run Eseutil /CC command. The mailbox store fails to mount and returns an unknown error -939586631. Consequently, the stored mailboxes are inaccessible.


The above error particularly results when you run Eseutil /CC command using the incorrect file path pointing to Restore.env file.

Eseutil /CC is the restore mode command, which is applied to run hard recovery on a database that has been restored from an online backup. Exchange Server creates Restore.env file while restoring from backup to control the hard recovery process.


Follow the below mentioned steps to recover from the given problem:

  1. Run Eseutil /CC command using the correct file path of Restore.env file.
  2. Check the database consistency. If it is inconsistent, you can use Eseutil /P and then Eseutil /D command for recovering the database.

Eseutil /P is the hard command that deletes the corrupted data, instead of repairing it. So, after using the command, you may find the database with lost pages and deleted information. For this reason, whenever you find your Exchange database in corrupt state, it is recommended to use a safe EDB Repair Tool.

An EDB Repair application allows you to extract the contained mailboxes and restore them at a safe location from a corrupted database. These software implement safe scanning algorithms, which are effective at repairing the database file. The tools are easy to install and require no prior technical skills to operate them. In addition, you can use these products in any case of logical database corruption.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is an advanced solution that repairs and restores corrupted Exchange databases. The EDB Repair Tool supports Exchange Server 5.5, 2000 and 2003. It is a secure database repair tool with rich graphic features. The tool extracts all user mailboxes in individual .pst files without modifying its contents.